Removing Fencing & Infrastructure

Oana reserve was taken over from farmers and biltong hunters. We joined all the plots and made it one big reserve for wildlife. There is still a lot of inner boundary live stock fences which need removing to open up new areas for wildlife and allow them to migrate naturally. Migration is necessary, it alleviates pressure on the plains and allows for grass and other flora to regenerate.

Fixing Water Points For Wildlife

Our water points are livestock friendly and need fixing to ensure they are willdife friendly and provide water year round.  

Working hard building a sand dam on a dry river bed

Working hard building a sand dam on a dry river bed

Building Sand Dams

It's amazing how damming a river in just a few places can change the whole ecology of the surrounding area. Southern Namibia has faced a 4 year draught and our habitat is seeing the effects. As part of our land management goals we build sand dams to help retain the water when it does rain and slowly seep into the flora throughout the year. It's manual labour but its a fun project where you see the start to finish and come home feeling accomplished. You will truly be restoring habitat and utlimately feeding wildlife.  

Eradicating Invasive Species

Prosopis has made its way from the Americas to Africa, and has spread like wild fires along the Orange River in Namibia. It is spread by livestock and has deep roots which win the race against other plants for nutrients and water, killing off our indigenous flora. It's a nightmare of a plant and needs getting rid of. Together we will continue to eradicate it quadrant by quadrant and poisoning the stump to ensure it does not return. Once the Prosopis is cleared hopefully our bird life will flourish once again.