Oana Community Trust is a registered charity operating on Oana Nature Reserve and working with communities beyond the reserve. There are several ways to get involved. Our work would not be possible without the funds raised through you. Whether you’d like to fundraise alone, with friends at school or colleagues, we hope you’ll be inspired to get creative and raise funds for wildlife.


Wildlife Monitoring

We are conducting an extensive baseline biodiversity survey on fauna and flora, and since the area has never been scientifically researched we are continuously collecting exciting data, perhaps even identifying new species. This research will give us a clear idea of which species occur, population size and distribution; essential preliminary information when establishing a conservation area prior to wildlife reintroductions and management strategy.


Community Outreach/ Training - Sponsor a local

We’d like to offer the opportunity for a local Namibian to join each of our 4 week gap year expeditions, we will run 3 of these per annum. We will target Namibian graduates who show a vested interest in wildlife conservation. 

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Research Camp

Our vision is to build a semi-mobile research centre near to the Oana base camp to host a constant flow of researchers. We will host Namibian researchers from the universities in Windhoek. We wish to collect crucial data on specific key species to gain further understanding of the area and monitor the progress over the coming re-wilding years. 

Run Your own Fundraising Event

Many of our supporters have arranged their own fundraising events, such as a bake sales, car washes, quiz nights or coffee mornings.

If you would like to help in this way, Oana can provide collateral to help you, as well as advice.

Contact for more information.


Land Management - Rain Water Harvesting

Since the area was extensively farmed and trophy hunted up until 2012, the first phase of management is to gradually transition the land into its natural ecosystem. Efforts are being concentrated on eliminating all human infrastructure detrimental to wildlife, clearing scrap, removing old livestock fences and extracting alien plant species, reconstructing water points for wildlife and re-seeding grassy plains.


Community Conservation