WILDLIFE, Community, Adventure

At Oana we all get stuck in together and work hard to achieve our conservation goals. The primary focus on Expedition; is conservation, the program is tailored around our current conservation projects. Nothing is set up just for 'volunteers' you will be part of the work force and your efforts are much appreciated. MOST importantly its a lot of fun - we work hard and play hard. A days work always ends with sunset drinks on the top of a mountain peak looking for wildlife and hanging out with awesome people.

We have so many conservation ambitions and cannot do it alone - we’ve done a lot in three years but we need you to help us get people signed onto our expeditions. The people who come the more wildlife we can re-introduce. For information on the conservation activities within the expedition program please see Conservation Pages.  See bellow for all the other fun stuff you will get to do:


Multi Day Hikes

We  LOVE to hike, we could hike all day everyday. There is just so much to explore. We have 45,000 hectares of wilderness, and can literally go in any direction. Hikes include, scaling ridges overlooking the Orange River, rock scrambling up Jenga Peak in the Wild West and Granita Canyon. We never do the same hike twice, thats the beauty of this place. Please note the hiking can be tough on the mountainous, rocky, sandy terrain. Participants must be fit enough to join. 


Catch & Release Fishing

We have 50km of the Orange River and its all yours to explore, splash about and fish to hearts desire. The Orange River is home to all sorts of fascinating bird life and the African Clawless Otter. It's a true oasis retreat from the desert. We camp out under the stars, sleep to the sounds of frogs, watch fire flies and roast marshmallows. Certainly a highlight.


Mountain biking

Adrenaline junkie? You've come to the right place. We have a 6km mountain bike trail carved through Quartz and Volcanic mountain ranges. I dare you to find a more spectacular trail. 


4 Day Rafting Trip

Certainly a highlight for most, you will get to paddle down the Orange River, experiencing the area by water brings a whole new dimension. The river is home to unique bird life, monitor lizards and African Clawless Otters. You will paddle in two-people inflatable crocs, the landscape is every changing and you will get to enter the big gorge. There are some thrilling rapids on the river and we take them on up to Level 3. Once arriving at our campsites for the night, we spend the afternoons swimming, fishing, chilling and then end off the day by roasting marshmallows on a bonfire and stargazing. Namibia is one of the Dark Sky countries and the milk-way will blow your mind.